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Fulmer’s General Store: A Touch Of The Old Days In Beaumont Mississippi


Being the grandson of restaurant entrepreneurs and farmers from Mississippi, I have a thing for old diners and general stores. There is such a place in South Mississippi called the Fulmer’s General Store that has a touch of both in what I love.

Fulmer’s General Store offers home cooked meals, fresh produce from their farm and freshly baked breads from their kitchen that fills the store with goodness. Throw in some general merchandise back in the stockroom and you have a full fledged old time country store.

When traveling for work, I have spent many days driving through and around Mississippi. Every time I’m close to Fulmer’s General Store – I stop by. I suggest if you are in the Beaumont, MS area, you do the same.

…Heck, I think you should just visit wherever you are.

In South Mississippi between Beaumont and New Augusta, just about 4 miles North of Hwy 98, lies a little country general store with lots of activity going on in the community of Richton, MS.

Fulmer’s Farmstead – A Working Farm

This working farm has century old cabins and real livestock that help support this thriving business.

Mr. Ken Fulmer still uses horse drawn farm equipment to service the family owned property to this day.

Lynn and Duke, as they are called, are Percheron draft horses that have been working on this farm for years. The Fulmer’s call it “Natural, Fresh, Horse-Drawn Produce”.

The attention to detail gives this farm the Southern charm that draws people year around from school and church groups to families and friends.

The General Store

As you walk from your vehicle to the store, you’ll notice antique farm equipment, nostalgic decorations and even “man’s best friend” to greet you.

Home Cooked Meals

As you enter the building at the front door, to the left just pass the counter, you’ll see a dining area where you can get some good ole’ Southern home cooked meals.

My favorite treat is the tomato pie. But, be warned. It’s not on the menu everyday. But, I’ve been told you can call ahead during serving hours and they will make you one up before you get there.

Farm Fresh Natural Products

If you spin around to your right after you get a good meal from the dining area, you will find plenty of farm fresh natural products from Fulmer’s farm or locally sourced vendors.

The shelves are packed with local honey products, “Bone Sucking Good” marinade, “Black Buggy Potato Soup”, and tons of farm fresh locally canned tomatoes, squash and a variety of preserves to choose from.

Homemade salsa, dried noodles, soup mixes and dry beans are at your fingertips.

And to round it out, pecan syrup, sweet potato products, breakfast mixes, teas and some candy favorites for those of us with BIG sweet tooth’s.

Produce From The Garden Farm

About center of the store, in the main hall, you can find plenty of farm fresh produced grown right on the farm or from local vendors.

Yep, ole’ Lynn and Duke are working hard to supply fresh produce just for you.

You can even find seeds in the general store area so you can grow some of your own produce…that is if you have a green thumb.

Fresh Baked Goods Onsite

If you’ll follow your nose from the front country store area, you’ll notice a kitchen with plenty of baked goods on hand.

A variety of homemade breads and muffins to mini cakes and cinnamon rolls. Even some apple turnovers.

Some of your favorite pies: Chocolate, Coconut Meringue, Pecan and Buttermilk.

…Boy it’s getting hard to sit here and write this post and not want to get up and drive to Mississippi.

General Store Merchandise

Just in front of the bakery and to the rear of the locally sourced dry goods and preserves, is a section of general store merchandise full of ole’ time antique type cookware and gadgets.

And if you mosey on back to the rear of the store, you’ll find a selection of cook books, decor, attire, boots, knifes and general merchandise to bring back some of those nostalgic feelings.

Annual Events

Fulmer’s Farm hosts three unique events every year.

Mississippi Pecan Festival, Christmas In The Orchard and Homesteaders Gathering.

Mississippi Pecan Festival

Every year, people from all over the delta come and set up about 250 booths full of food and merchandise under the pecan trees in Richton, MS.

This event is hosted by Fulmer’s Farm and is one of the most exciting events held.

Events during the three day outing include broom making, farming demos and lye soap making demo. Arts & Crafts booths will be available including plenty of food vendors, biscuit making and butter churning.

You can join in on the mull pull, prettiest rooster contest, live craft demonstrations and maybe even try to milk a cow.

Come and shop or bring your chairs and listen to Bluegrass and Gospel music and relax under the shade of the pecan trees.

Admission is generally $10 per adult and children under 4 are free. This event is normally held at the end of September. Visit the website for schedule and details.

Christmas In The Orchard

Around the first and second week of December, you can join in for the Christmas In The Orchard festivities.

A Christmas drama will be held, hayrides and carriage rides with live carolers to sing the holiday favorites.

The cabins will be lit with plenty of holiday decorations and you can walk thru history as you listen to the live banjos play.

Enjoy a beautiful Christmas dinner and take in a s’more at the fire pit.

There is no entrance fee and the event usually lasts from 6pm to 9pm.

Homesteaders Gathering

This event gives you an inside look at the working of a real farm.

You can experience different workshops and events like canning, blacksmithing, learn to work farm horses, old time biscuit making and Alpaca weaving.

You can also buy, sell or trade antiques, collectibles, garage sale items, equipment, household items and even livestock at this event.

How To Contact And Connect With Fulmer’s Farmstead

You can find Fulmer’s Farmstead at 510 Wingate Road in Beaumont, MS or the Richton, MS area. They are open Monday thru Saturday 8am to 5pm and closed on Sunday.

Call them at 601-964-8222 or email them at

You can also connect with them on Facebook.

Mr. Haney

Tim has traveled the Gulf Coast from Texas to the tip of Florida for the last ten years. As the grandson of restaurant entrepreneurs, Tim writes about unique restaurants, things to do and attractions all along the Gulf Coast and Southeast. Just like his grandparents small drive-in restaurant, he loves small town, mom-n-pop establishments as well as interesting and unique places.

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