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How Many Airports Are In Mobile Alabama?


With the emergence of downtown Mobile and the need for additional transportation hubs, how many airports are there in Mobile Alabama and where are they located?

For many years Mobile Alabama only had one airport – The Mobile Regional Airport located on Airport Blvd in West Mobile County.  Now there are two. A new airport has been opened near downtown Mobile on Brookley Field called the Mobile Downtown Airport.

I have used the Mobile Regional Airport several times.  Flying out to Atlanta (of course, everybody has to go through Atlanta) to work in Dallas, New Hampshire, Colorado and New York, this airport out in West Mobile has been the go to for me.

However, This new Mobile Downtown Airport gives access to the downtown area and to more hotel accommodations and attractions including more restaurant locations.

Doing business in Mobile is better now with the new airport due to the proximity of it with the downtown area.

This has the chance of being a game changer for Mobile. Airfare in and out of this town has always been astronomical and the commute from West Mobile was a major inconvenience. the proximity to downtown and Baldwin County coupled with reasonable prices is just what the hometown needed. I can not recommend it enough.
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Here’s some information about both of these locations.

Mobile Regional Airport

The Mobile Regional Airport is a self funded organization located at 8400 Airport Boulevard in Mobile Alabama.

This airport is a public and military airport complex located about 13 miles West of downtown Mobile Alabama.  The US Coast Guard is based at this location.

Four major hubs depart and arrive at this location:

  • Atlanta
  • Dallas Fort Worth
  • Charlotte
  • Houston

What Parking Options Are Available At This Airport?

Four parking options are available at the Mobile Regional Airport.

Free Parking for 15 minutes is allowed for dropping off and picking up.  You can park at the short-term or long-term parking areas. Just present your parking ticket at the exit booth when leaving the airport.

Valet Parking is available for $2 per hour or $13 for the day.  Just follow the signs for arrivals and departures and let the valets do the parking for you.

Short Term Parking is located just a few steps from the front terminal entrance at the short-term parking area.  You can park here for $1 per hour or $10 for the day.

Long Term Parking is available for $1 per hour and $8 per day where you can leave your vehicle at the airport long-term parking area.

What Kind Of Amenities Can I Expect At Mobile Regional Airport?

There is a Quizno’s Sub Shop on location that serves sandwiches and salads or you could pick up a quick snack and drink at Hudson’s News Stand.

Grab a hot meal at the Cruise City Bar & Grill or grab a coffee at the Carpe Diem Coffee Service area.

You could order a drink, coffee or some pastries at the Chart Room Bar while you wait for your flight and someone to pick you up after your arrival.

After you get charged up with a meal or snack, charge your battery or smartphone at our charging bar and enjoy the free WI-FI with no password required.

There is a kids area on the 2nd floor near the restrooms.  And of course, ATM and Post Office services are available if needed.

The location has been a source of discussion for many years due to the distance from the downtown area.

Mobile Downtown Airport

Opened on May 1st of 2019, the Mobile Downtown Airport is a hub Denver and Chicago where Frontier Airlines services this area.

This facility is within the Mobile Aeroplex complex at Brookley Field and conveniently located off of Interstate 10 going East and West through Mobile Alabama.

This is what they call a FBO or Fixed Base Operation where it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  They offer on-site maintenance and repairs for aircraft.

This airport has the designation BFM and flies out to Denver most Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at around 7pm and the Denver arrivals are back in Mobile about 6pm.

The Chicago flights depart about 1:45pm and arrive back here about 1pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Both typically use the Airbus A320 to service their flights.

Frontier does attempt to keep their prices for flights low, but that means you have to buy access for your checked and carry-on bags.  You also will have to purchase your drinks and snacks.

You can purchase your checked and carry-on bags online with your flight or after you have purchased your ticket.  It is cheaper to do it before you arrive at the airport.

Kid Friendly Airports


  • You can save money by booking your flight as early as you can.
  • Checking or carry-on bags cost more at the airport.
  • You must check bags 45 minutes before your flight departure.
  • No charge for personal item which should be no larger than 14” x 18” x 8” and be able to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Two types of seats – Stretch Seats which have 36-38” between the seats and 5-7” more legroom.  Standard Seats have 28-29” between seats and have a pitch of 28-31”.
  • Check out the Family Friendly options on their website where the “Mom-Approved” logo is.
  • Families board right after Priority or Zone 1 boards.
  • Purchase the “The Works!” package to be able to change or cancel your flight for those unexpected problems or issues that arise.
  • With the Discount Den program, one kid under 15 can fly free on Frontier.
  • Their mobile app will allow you to have your board pass at your finger tips.
  • Pets are $75 for one-way trip.  See additional details here including info on emotional and service animals.

If you have special needs, you can find help with Frontier.  They have wheelchair assistance and plenty of information on their website.

When you get to the airport remember:

  • Time to check in and check those bags should happen 45 minutes before departure time.  Those areas close 45 minutes before the flight leaves.
  • Boarding for your flight begins 30 minutes before departure.
  • Final boarding call is 20 minutes before departure and,
  • The doors close on the aircraft 15 minutes before departure.

Special services will board all of those needing wheelchair assistance, then Zone 1 Priority boarding begins.  Families then have access for boarding.

Frontier is also connected with the TSA where you can be pre-screened.  Visit the TSA’s website to enroll.

Pre-enrolling with the TSA means no taking your shoes, belt, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids or jackets off.

Whether you are flying out of Mobile Regional Airport or Downtown Mobile Airport, the Mobile Airport Authority is determined to make your flying experience the best it can be.

Visit them for more detailed information at or call 251-633-4510

You can also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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