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Laurel Mercantile Co: 1930’s Revival Of Commerce In Downtown Laurel Mississippi

Laurel Mercantile Company Laurel Mississippi

About 90 miles SE of Jackson, MS and 106 miles North of Gulfport, MS, lies a small mercantile store that has risen from the ashes of the late 20’s and 30’s during the depression area.

The Laurel Mercantile Company is a resurrection of the original mercantile store that opened in 1901 and served the community for about 30 years in downtown Laurel Mississippi. It was revived by three families that live in the Laurel, MS area.

Outside the renovated, historic building you will find a huge mural of the company’s logo and their sister company, the Scotsman, description on the painted brick exterior surface. Just below the mural you’ll find a vintage Chevrolet truck which I guess is about a 48′ to 50′ model (I’m not an expert…just a guess based on Google images).

The purveyors of this fine business are three family friends that have relationships that extend back to high school and through their college days at…must I say it…Ole Miss.

Now being an Alabama guy and my dad being from Quitman Mississippi, I will have to say that I do have strong roots in Mississippi. I will admit that it’s pretty cool having ties to “Hottie Tottie Town”

Ben and Erin Napier of the TV show ‘Home Town’ on HGTV, are part owners and VP’s of Marketing and Creative Directors. The Josh & Emily Nowell are also part owners including CEO and VP of operations. Jim & Mallorie Rasberry round out the trio as part owners and are VP’s of Procurement and also serve as Chairman of the board.

This establishment has many items for sale including the following:

  • T-shirts
  • sweaters
  • hooded sweaters
  • quilts
  • candles
  • books
  • coffee & coffee mugs (Ben’s blend I guess – it has his face on the box)
  • soaps & fragrances
  • nostalgic memorabilia
  • and lots of leather goods

One of the main focuses of the Laurel Mercantile Co. and the three families is to resurrect the small town feel and environment of America. Along with Ben and Erin’s TV show and the corroboration of the Napier, Nowell and Raspberry families, Laurel Mississippi is well on its way.

During my visit to Laurel this past Saturday, I have noticed a good many of new businesses opening in the downtown area. There is also quite a bit of new commercial construction going on as well. It is hopping around Laurel, MS. Check Out the store’s city guide here.

Laurel, Mississippi

Laurel Mercantile Company

414 Front St, Laurel, MS 39440 / (601) 682-0936 /

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