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Marine Life To Come Alive At Gulfport Mississippi Aquarium


Three of the biggest hurricanes in my lifetime was Camille, Fredrick and Katrina. I was alive and went through all three. Katrina was the one that destroyed the aquarium in Gulfport, MS…and good.

The new Gulfport Mississippi Aquarium is slated to open in late 2019 or 2020. It will have four distinct areas of interest and will not be inclusive to one exhibit building. It will also be a state of the art facility that will become self-sustaining shortly after opening.

Here are some interesting facts about the new Gulfport Mississippi Aquarium

Entry FountainWill be taller than the Biloxi Lighthouse at 65′ high
Gulf Strata Viewing WindowThis window will be 21 feet high. That’s almost a three story building.
Gulf Tunnel30 foot long tunnel surrounding you with sea life
Main Campus10 times larger than Barksdale Pavilion – It’s Big!
Plant Life50 different non-toxic types of plants on campus
LandscapingIt’s so natural, the birds and butterflies will eat it
Water QualityYou should be able to get all zeros on your meter
Exterior HabitatsYou can play 4.5 football games at one time

Where Will The Mississippi Aquarium Be?

2100 E Beach Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39501

Mississippi Aquarium Opening

Although the Aquarium was slated to open in late 2019, the project has now rescheduled the opening to late 2019 to early 2020. It started out as a $65 million dollar project and has blown up to $95 million at the latest news release.

WLOX News in Biloxi, MS, has been keeping a keen eye out for the progress of the new Mississippi Aquarium.

Reports are estimating that the aquarium expects around a half a million visitors each year with over $300 million in revenue generated.

What Can I Find At The Mississippi Aquarium At Gulfport MS

This aquarium will NOT be like other aquariums you are use to seeing.

This ‘campus’ will consist of four separate buildings with an outdoor exhibit designed to emphasize the natural beauty of the Mississippi gulfcoast’s plant and aquatic life.

Learn how nature works flowing from the river system on the Mississippi Delta to the Gulf of Mexico.

Animal life from otters, alligators and freshwater fish will be showcased in indoor and outdoor exhibits including everyone’s favorite – a dolphin exhibit to show off the ocean’s smartest mammal.

A three story structure called the Gulf Community Gallery, will feature many different views of one body of water and a touching pool to interact with stingrays.

Sharks will also be included in the exhibit where thick acrylic clear walls will be the only thing separating them from the visitors.

…And the water quality will be out of this world.

The Mississippi Aquarium will have a state of the art filtration system that filters all of the exhibit water 16 times a day.

Progress On Mississippi Aquarium

WLOX reported back in July of 2019 that…

“The sails really represent the three pillars that we are building the business on: education, conservation and community,” said Kurt Allen, Chief Operating Officer for the aquarium. “So, as the sails go up, it really solidifies what our business is all about.”

WLOX John Fitzhugh and COO Kurt Allen for the aquarium

With the roofing and steel stud walls going up around the main building, I can imagine the talk going on around town from the locals and visitors coming in to visit the area.

The aquarium will have three distinct ‘sails’ formed and poured with a special concrete to give them a branded look.

Mississippi Aquarium Foundation

The Mississippi Aquarium Foundations is also known as the Mississippi Aquarium.

The foundation is a non-profit 501C registered organization where about 90% of its funding is provided by local, state and federal funding.

Mississippi Aquarium Jobs

The aquarium will have normal paid positions, but will offer volunteer and internship opportunities available. To find out more about gulfport aquarium jobs, click here to see local job/opportunity listings.

The aquarium’s website has a page dedicated to opportunity listings as well. CheckItOut

Mississippi Aquarium Website

You can find more information and connect with the Mississippi Aquarium at .

They have a social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

No phone number is listed on their website or any other resource that i can find online. The best way right now is to use one of the listed social networks above to ask questions.

How Can I Get Involved With The Mississippi Aquarium In Gulfport MS?

There are about 6 different ways to get involved with the aquarium. Additional options will become available once the aquarium opens.

Explore The Aquatic World On A

Class Field Trip

Choose a self-guided tour or an instructor led class program based on the State of Mississippi science standards. Teachers get a free admission and additional teachers, parents or guardians would be $25.45 per person. Click here to fill out the online form and download it.

Want To Make A Difference Or Beef Up Your Resume?


To volunteer you have to apply online and pass a background check. You must commit to a certain number of hours, attend an orientation and training workshops including participation in them. Visit the volunteer page on the website.

Need a unique space for a corporate event

Host Your Events At The Aquarium

Hit the link here and send an email to our staff to find out more information about how you can host your event at the Mississippi Aquarium.

Enjoy The Fun Year Around

Get A Membership

Memberships for your family members will be available once the aquarium opens in late 2019 or early 2020

They’ll Come To You

Request Us To Speak

Fill out the form online or download it to request us to speak at your organization or event.

Want To Make A Difference?

Support The Aquarium With A Tag

Support the Mississippi Aquarium in Gulfport MS with a one of a kind Mississippi Aquarium Tag. The purchase of this license plate will promote the conservation efforts of the aquarium to help dolphins and sea turtles and other aquatic life on the Gulf of Mexico. It costs $33.00 plus Ad Valorem taxes. Get the form and details here.

Marine Life Aquarium Gulfport MS

While you are waiting for the Mississippi Aquarium to open for business, you don’t have to wait to see ocean life up close.

Visit the Ocean Life Adventures Marine Park in Gulfport at 10801 Dolphin Lane or call them at (228) 896-9182.

Get Your Own Little Aquatic Kingdom

Crystal Roof Aquarium Gulfport MS

If you like visiting aquariums in person and want to have an aquatic world in your own home, then you can visit the Crystal Roof Aquarium in Gulfport, MS. Find more info on their Facebook page.

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